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This site was progressively re-hosted to HostPapa, with all my other websites from PlusNet during March to May 2012.  It provides an overview and links to all the sites listed below.

Sowe Valley Footpath - Map 37 F2 - Oct-2001

Coventry Walks

This website is now hosted on HostPapa (from 31-Mar-2012 soon after 20:00). 

http://www.coventry-walks.org.uk/  to read all about:

(Note: All files for C-W site have now been deleted from PlusNet.)


A Coventry Way



This website is now hosted on HostPapa (from 9-May-2012 soon after 10:30am.) 

http://www.acoventryway.org.uk/ to read all about:

(Note: All files for ACW site have now been deleted from PlusNet.)



Chalikona Beach, Sand Dunes and Nisi Lagoudia - Sep-2002

St Georges South, Corfu

This mini-website is now hosted on HostPapa (from 31-May-2012.) 

A small subweb covering St Georges South, Corfu, Greece.


Adam & Eve, Eden Street : 11-Dec-2004

A small sub-web created to answer queries about Paradise in Coventry, created in December 2004.

It was started when I had an email from Australia asking if I new where "Old Yard, Foleshill" was.  Since then I have found others asking similar questions, and many more visiting this little site!

Visit Paradise, Coventry to find out more.


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- Re-hosting onto HostPapa (with a few improvements) completed 31-May-2012.

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